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The toasting that went viral prt 5 Lexi @ Timo's shop featuring Don..The unexpected....Dont forget to subscribe.

I pleaded and explain things to him and he promised to behave and act as instructed with a smiling face... "Oya Give me 1k (1 thousand) abeg" I pleaded with him. "Oboi market no dey today oooo na only 5 Hun's dey here take bfor she show'. I quickly swap it into my pocket and immediately turn to door for i expected she was close by then..Hahaha Wow you run like Osen bolt " she said as she enters the shop. really? I asked and added thank you . well, you know any car can run that fast when you are the driver" i said smiling thinking she was refering to a car. " hmmm dnt tell me you dnt know osain bolt?" She asked in disbelief. ( i was still revolving around my head if i could fetch anything reasonable for i dnt want to mess up by saying rubbish before timo's voice saved me. "Please what are you buying? He asked looking at us and i quickly grab the opportuinity..and turn towards him leaving Ann " young man give me MTN 1500. (As i turn around i could see the impression on her face) it was massive and i like it. " . I turned back facing Timo and for almost 3 minutes Timo was speechless as someone placed under arrest. He was just looking at Ann. Hello! I waved at him. Are you owk? I asked . so ooo ry. He stammered and manage to ask what did you say again sorry? Do you have 1500 MTN? I repeated . we dont have the one of that amount oo" Timo responded. What! I exclaimed and asked: what kind of shop is this? Furiously and turned to Ann can you imagine they dont have common 1500 card. Back in the state i cant take this rubbish i will just get this hairy faced guy arrested. Ann was trying to plead with me suggesting it might have finished earlier on...but i could hear Timo laughing from were he stands. (Lol). So she asked my guy Timo " what of MTN 750? Hope you have that? .'No its also finish sorry" he replied..(thank God this guy get sense today) i said in my mind But acted otherwise. " you don't have that too? So why did you open the shop at first ? I asked him acting all frustrated. These are sales of yesterday they are yet to return from the market if not we will definitely have all you need.. But there is 100 naira mtn. Timo replied politely (I was liking this version of my guy and I was just smiling within for he actually deserve more of the yelling). Just give us owk. Thank you Ann replied. She is definitely a nice lady now that i know this part of her I don't want her to find out the truth and I definately dnt want to leave her either. I brought the 500 naira and gave Timo. Thank you he replied as he collected the money sorry we don't have change he added. " OK don't worry you can keep the change" I offered to give him the money. Ann was really liking that part of me being generous for she was just smiling.(if she only would have known the truth am sure a tooth of mine would have been on the zinc "ancient African believe that it helps in teeth growth" because of a slap from her)  So we turned to leave only for me to hear Timo's voice. " this money is bad ooo and can't be accepted." Chai Dis bastard want spoil show) i said turning back. What is wrong with the money? Ann asked as we turn and walked towards him. He started laughin. " i was just kidding you look good together " thats just what i want to say. Thank you i am Ann and you ? She asked him?. Hmm if you want to know my name ask him. He replied pointing at me (jesus hope this guy no wnt drag this babe with me?) That was the thought that came through my mind (but I go treat him fuckup) Ann was looking at me for answers.  Well from his face I think his name is Timo. Don't he look like Timos? I asked smiling and I could here her smile too. Common let's go I held her hand as we were about leaving the shop. Oh my God!  I exclaimed and nearly ran back into the shop. What is it? Ann asked. I was just mute (who is this coming?) I kept wondering for I saw someone coming like Don.." Jesus it is him ooo am so dead because this one is the unreasonable devils child"... I could here Timo laughing from inside. And from afar. I heard ! Person Fada....oooo why me lord for This is definitely Don........ I wanted dragging Ann but she too stood amazed. Monday I could here her say loud when Don was closer and I could here Don reply by calling her Anna. And it came with a huge hug.. And accompanied with smile . wow you look different and beautiful its been long since after WAEC. I just stood as I watch Don still cling to her. You have bears now I and it looks good on you Ann replied. Person Fada were you know Ann from? Monday asked.  Ann turned looking at me with a surprise look and the next thing I saw was Timo bringing a long bench out and saying "oboi no load that card ooo if you no get money" be continued

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