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“Owwww” that was the sound of me yawning as I kept rolling on my bed as I tried waking up early on a lovely Wednesday morning around 5am for jugging. I sighed usually on the thought of the stress involved but I needed to do it. You can’t blame me I have a very comfortable room for myself especially the mattress. I know what you will be thinking especially, the ladies that “This guy must be well built” well if you are doing that, let me save you the stress. I am among the skinny category with small head, slim hands, thin legs, flat tummy with sign of six-packs due to hunger and a little broad shoulder. I am jugging because of it actually so as to try and keep up with the competition between guys lately on physiques. As i woke up to dress i couldn’t help but notice the quiet environment. Not even a morning crow from my recently purchased cocks. I know I should be afraid of this area. “I hope they have not been stolen? Because in this Buhariya (recession) stealing is now a necessity” we admire the courage of thieves lately. The other day our neighbour’s goat was stolen along with the rope it was tied with and the pillar it was tied to. You can see, it’s something to admire. Well, “i will check their cage to confirm” i said to myself when am done dressing. I wore a silk shirt and a white short, brought out my Air-max canvass and pair of suck and wore them. By 5:15am I was ready to jug the whole of Kano town. I left my room before leaving the house and went to check my chickens as promised. “Why are they quiet and just looking at me?” I asked myself. After all my attempts to hear them make a sound failed by waving my hand and shaking the door of the cage. "OK" I said to myself may be they drank too much liquor last night. moreover, what do you expect from the cocks you bought at "Bridgade market" were a woman who sells vegetables and red oil may still be selling “Ogogoro”(local alcohol), were you find a chemist selling foodstuffs. I have all reasons to doubt their ability to crow in the morning maybe when they wake by night they might or considering their poor backgrounds they don’t crow they bark. I quickly left and headed towards the gate when i heard a crow from the biggest of the cock. It was in a very odd manner and sounded this way “fidifi” i was shocked as well as glad at least one among them could actually crow. I ignored the sound and left. As i walked by the street, it was very quiet all the dogs that scare me most days were all lying still. I thought these dogs must have been over fed last night. I started hearing more of the sounds my cock made when i walked from neighbouring cocks. I kept hearing “fidifi”. I stop jugging and decide to deduce from their sound what they actually meant. Since it’s an Hausa area I believed they meant PDP... they are tired already with change. ”hehehe" its like this change is versatile” but wait ooo" “COULD THIS BE A PROTEST?

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