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The Toasting that went viral by Ezekiel Ayegba.. The crazy toasting is up with the 4th episode.. Enjoy and dont forget to subscribe

What da fyuck! I exclaimed silently in calabar for my account is reading -49 naira (i don borrow from MTN). How can i escape this i stood and kept wondering. "Are you calling?" She asked again.. Yeh sure dear i replied but not now i added for i was actually planing to get card before going back to the house. "Hahaha" i could here her laugh "a whole you? Dont you know you can recharge from your account. You see she concluded we are not that local. Bring your phone let me show you(she walked close trying to operate my fone). Do not borther i stop her i dont like buying from my account its just not my habit i said (for i have forgotenThe last time i used my account i am sure there are some charges still on pending for me). "Ohhhhh" I murmured this girl please allow me go now"  Is everything owk she asked? Yh i answered just go in i will get the card then will be back . "noooo she murmured is either you take me in because of am afraid of the dog, or i will follow you then we will come back or you give me Tinas number to call her to come and pik me..the truth is i have been afraid to go in on my own. So handsome which option are you picking?.... "Chai the devil is a lier" i said to myself as i place my hands on my head.....
So handsome which are you choosing? she asked smiling. Chai! (I couldnt help but placing my hands on my head for they are not useful any longer in those pockets) i have definately been placed in a very tight corner. What is wrong with you? She asked. "I am owk there" i replied trying to face the reality bringing back my my hands to maintain the status. Wait, Should i jst tell her i have been lieing all this while and face the embarassment or should i just take off? May be we might never meet again (those were the thaught running through my mind for i dnt have Tinas number, i cant get her into the house the gate man will just beat me up and even if we go to the shop I am penniless for I was just taking a stroll never intended buying anything) "well lets go to the shop then" I said to her after weighing all my options. I had the feeling someone will be left stranded on their way to a shop today i just hope it wouldnt be this lovely beautiful lady. So common dear i said as i make my move towards leaving the street. " noooo not that way JJC" she said smiling. If we go that way its going to be difficult seeing a shop since its an industrial area. "Oh shit! This girl is talking about Timo's mum shop which is just around the corner before the street. A very good friend of mine who expects me and Don (our third friend) most mornings. We usually go to while away time, spy and chase beautiful girls and help in finishing his breakfast (which normally turns up to be Yam. It could be with tea, pap on the rainy days then with water or oil on the bad days). Going to that shop is going to be a disaster because the idiot is really a noise maker. "Dear no i dont think there is a shop there and even if there is they may not be selling recharge card" i said trying to dudge going to Timo's mum shop for this time he is definately the one in the shop. " i know what am saying" she responded. i and Tina buy things at the shop sometimes. And the lady selling is a very nice woman. Its just that the shop isnt well decorated to your standard but it sure will save us stress. "Hmmmm owk lets go" i said reluctantly. Common then she held my hand and we walked side by side to the shop. (You no go leave my hand for hour mind i be ajebor wey you want show road) those were exactly my thought as at then. I looked at her she was just happy feeling she is offering a helping hand. "Come o lexi you need to do somthing if not Timo go spoil show" a voice was just talking to me for i know how that boy will definately behave if he sees me with such a beautiful girl. The first thing he will say is "chai see person fada" my dangerous name "hahaha" i saw my self smiling forgetting the war ahead.... "So you will tell me all your experiences if we are back right? She asked looking at me and added My dad promised to take me out too to further my education. I hope i wouldnt find it difficult to cope" . No my dear its the opposite America will even find it dificult to cope with hou because you are so hot and its a cold country. I could see her blushing so i decided to use my moment since we are close to the shop. " its a bit cold you know. back in the state you see people juggin everywere even ladies. "Yeh i think its because of their weather she replied". Good then lets see who will be the first to reach the shop (i suggested for i know she wouldnt want to run).  She started laughing "Nooo pls not now before she could finish i just took off.(if i no create awareness i know am dead). The next thing i was in Timo's mum shop panting (gasping for air and i guessed right he was the one in the shop). " barga who dey pursue you" Timo asked grabing a chair. "Oboi e for better if na bad guys dey chase me" i replied. So wetin come happen?. "Bros all this tin for no happen if i respect myself come here since, instead of chasing one stupid dream. u need help your guy abeg" i pleaded and explained things to him. And he promised to behave and act as i have instructed with a smiling face. ..... To be continued

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