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Creative Voice of her youth. "Opinion of this government" by Ayegba Ezekiel

Starting from us the citizens we have a big issue...
Illiteracy number 1... And the dull once talk about politics the more. Pls don’t try to argue politics with them if u wants to retain your sanity...someone will just listen to rumors and he will argue as if he was a witness
Secondly bias and subjectivity... religion is the key figure in this aspect once it is a Muslim president. Almost 80% of the Muslim reason alike in favor of all d policies and the hardship of the country as well as when it’s a Christian ruling... please don’t be among those 80%
From the perspective of those ruling... it’s more like a football game. They are the players and we are the ball boys... they are the key figure they change formation when a game is not in their favor as well as makes substitute in other to make a win. But even as ball boys we have power to determine the outcome of that game... if you ask how? Nice question wish u are here I would give u my last 100 box {loll} joke apart... we can, by seizing all the balls... but this Nigerians this fellow youths I see and talk to on daily basis are too dull for them they manipulate us the way they like.. Using religion, ethnicity, poverty, as weapons to victimize us... we have become loyal thugs and we worship some like small gods... in an average of 1-10 Nigeria ask him what politics means to him u will be surprised at his answer. Tell me if you don’t even know the meaning of politics how would you understand a politician? Ans dat urself
What is my take on this government?
I will definitely applaud them on some areas they are so far leading in slow decision making, lots of promises and in increasing the hardship of its citizens why we are suffering is because we are in recession and still some of its policies clearly shows how clueless they are and inexperience... 5000 naira stipend base on my score is -5/10 very useless..I would preferably empower small scale business men. Npower is another medium of making the young get old before they begin to think of being responsible...with your 30k pay every month what use will u be at home as a graduate who is suppose to take care of the family? 
The issue of bands on importation was a welcome idea to set up companies in the country that will offer jobs but who would want to take risk with NEPA, insecurity especailly unannounced bombings and pipeline vandalization...(I bet those foreign oil companies are seeing hell) and high price of fuel? When he has the money and connection to still bring in those tins and sell in higher rate... (Nigerians are there to buy) since dem call am foreign... we need d basic things that makes a country alive. Light, water and security.
Check the various ministries their ministers and their qualification are all mixed up. Like the country’s economy.
To me there has been worst change so far. Am not really happy with the slow policies... even if the president is 74 it shouldn’t affect the decisions. And now for the federal government to carry out its monthly schedule minister of finance kemi adeoseun had open up their intention of borrowing billions of dollars... (It means d country and d citizens are broke) pls who is leading? Loll I mean leading in poverty ooo... before you begin to feel am doubting someone’s leadership...
Anyway all hope isn’t lost the policies been laid down are far better than the last admin... at least we are aware of our problems which are over reliance on fuel... and how to diversify the economy since farmers are becoming millionaires in katsina its not too late to jump into farming.. I rest my case

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