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A sociological overview by Ezekiel .i Ayegba

Life is all about survival between you the individual and the society. Humans are rational being it takes lots of courage, grieve, braveness and brain washing to go through this confusing act called suicide.  Suicide is not braveness it is not like a soldier who has step on a dime in the battle field and wouldn’t want to move a step till he is sure his colleagues are not close to be affected. It is an act of cowardice for allowing unstable psychological effects that triggers those suicidal urge to overcome you giving you the stupid notion that the society is better off without you. We all are a product of the society. We all have collective consciousness and the society thinks and feels through us. Let me explain further your reasoning is a product of your society if you live in a society with high suicide rate you tend to be easily lured to go through that act when faced with difficulties which are the factors that pull off those suicidal strings.  Suicide is a social factor which takes advantage of mans weakness when he is in a difficult situation due to an unstable state of mind. Sickness and pain is a state of the mind to me when you are stable you are very alert and take cautions on your body and health. What if that mind of yours is unstable? Can you be careful enough not inflict pain or harm to yourself or another close to you? No because that consciousness of mind is what offers this restrains so it makes it easier to give you that braveness to inflict pain and cause harm on yourself or another Just like someone who is high on drugs. So a little push from anger, life challenges, heart break could be those drugs or trigger the society needs to expel you from its realm. The human mind goes through a lot without the knowledge of the being himself so let’s be there for one another.

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