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The Toasting That Went Viral

Episode 1..

I was just walking along the best building in our neighborhood. we hardly see the owners due6 to the high fence and big gate on it. we are only left with the up view of the house which is capable of offering all the satisfaction. it is well built and i kept wondering who were the owners of such an aboard. As i was walking i saw two range rovers, accompanied with convoys coming toward my lane. i quickly adjust to the side roads. They stopped closed to me. Behold, it was the governor of Kano state in person. "how are you Lexi" he asked? i am fine i answered ( still in disbelief). well, he continued. i was just coming to bring you here and luckily you are at the spot. Now this is the key to the lock of this house it is yours. it has been given to you and also with a token of 100 million to adjust the malfunctioning going on in your wardrobe and your life" . "woah" I exclaimed because it is a very different experience to me i was so happy. As i jumped up to celebrate the whole environment became dack. and i heard a sound "paaaaw" on the floor of my room (that was my portable body having a safe landing from my bed) i was fully awake now.. mtswww I found myself hissing a thousand times. why must this be a dream? I kept asking myself. I have been obsessing about a building to the extent of dreaming about it I looked up "God is this all?" I asked and continued "am i hear to look and dream of peoples building? if it is so why am I not in Paris". i decided to go and look at that building once more who knows it may come true. I wore my p-cap, with a v-neck shirt revealing my chest and arm muscles, a three quarter jean and my vans and begin to walk on our streets. it was quiet empty since it is a Friday morning (most people have left for work) I came to the house and as I walked by, I was hearing a dog barking furiously from inside (just hearing my footsteps). which makes me wonder if it actually has the ability to sense brokenness. in my head, I had sold the dog already if it was my house. I trekked to the spot I was in my dream and turn countlessly facing all directions but there is no sign of anything happening. i was so disappointed and decide to have a brief thought "Does this mean i cant claim my price in that dream? why cant this be like ordering something online and you will receive it offline?. i was still in my thoughts when i heard a voice "helo are you looking for something? you looked worried and didnt notice i have been standing here". i was speechless at the sight of this lady as well as the marvelous voice. I never knew stammering isn't intentional until then (if people where made of Nigerian presidents she is definitely Buhari) because her affairs are killing she left me in a state of a missing be continued

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