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The Toasting That Went Viral Episode 2

Episode 2.
She has beautiful eyes, average height and a Cinderella shape (she could be used to advertise coke). she wore a simple top which fits her slender body and popped out her chest, with a tight jean and a Pam slippers (with all indications she wasn't going far) I was just so lost. "hey" she said again are you owk? oh! yes I couldn't be better I replied with a smile. i was just checking on the faces that will be passing our frontage today so i could be able to right a police report in case anyone steals my heart i added
 "wow!" she exclaimed. Is this your house? she asked pointing at the mansion smiling. yes dear. just part of my dads establishment i responded. she was all blushing and smiling. (this is definitely a worthy compensation I said to myself after all). So with confidence I continued. What is your name? I asked. I am Ann She replied. I know this is a one time opportunity which I should utilize. “So have you been told you are breath taking, and a classic example of beauty?” I asked looking at her eyes. “Are you for real? Please don’t flatter me” she replied. I am serious I continued. I lost words at the sight of you as well as almost got paralyzed by the venom of your beauty. My back to normalcy is still a miracle it isn’t by my power. She chuckles and smiles. “Owk I believe you and thank you; you aren’t that bad looking too and I like your shirt” she replied.( even if am I know the mansion I pointed will act as a correcting fluid to any sensible Nigerian babe) Whoa! I exclaimed and thank her. Anyway hearing that from her, made me felt like I was out of space. I continued with the praises. “If you are into politics am sure you voted for APC because you have dramatically changed my life. She smiled and said “that’s funny but I don’t do politics”. Well then, I continued, you should know you could be arrested for doing what you do to people. She smiled and asked “What is that? Did I do anything illegal?” Ah Please you better don’t” I pleaded. You don’t need to because you will be adding to your crime. Your body already is illegal and toxic and should be investigated by the NDLEA (Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency) who knows how many friends she has divided or accidents she has caused in her lifetime I thought quietly. "You are truly funny" She responded after laughing about it for a while Tina spoke about you most times. I am happy meeting you in person. What! I exclaimed (Going to space is starting to feel like a bad idea I think have to be down to earth). Who is Tina? I asked myself as i keep revolving around my head looking for hints. As she heard me exclaimed, she continued her illustration. We were classmates back in secondary school she is also very funny and simple you both have a lot in common. I was actually coming to see her before I met you outside. When your sister Tina initially came back from the united state last month I did came around to see her once but then she told me you were not back yet from the states but projected this week. “chai I don die" See "yawa” (The only thing i have in common with united state is American movie and Thrumps inauguration which i managed to watch). I was so quiet for i was in a state of pandemonium (personal recession). Oh! She didn’t tell you about me? She asked as i stood quiet (Sounding very surprised I haven’t been told of her). As I couldn’t answer she continued. Well, she talks about you most time. So when did you come back? be continued

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