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Creative voice of a Nigerian Youth chapter 2

.... “behind socket saga”.....

My wall socket has been given me issues like the Nigerian economy (may be it felt it has been exploited and over used). Sometimes it deliberately refuse to give me light (and it’s not as if it is hoarding the light to be used for scarce moments like feeling stations), and most times it blows up my extension wire (am sure he is a fan of the Niger Delta avengers). Well, I decided to show it today that I am the federal government here in this room. Since, peaceful negotiations have failed. I will deploy my troops to repair it myself thank God the risk is minimal since we have not even been seeing light lately. I brought my troops comprising of two screw drivers (small and big), old sockets in my possession (which I deliberately changed when the going was good), super glue (to be used were necessary) and water in case it takes longer than expected. I took position and begin with immediate alacrity. When I place my screw driver on the first screw, I saw my fan rolling "chai!” I exclaimed since we haven’t seen light for days and everybody will want to charge his/her electronics at home. But I was focus on my task to fix the socket because enough is enough. So I went and removed the fuse of the house depriving all the rooms their right to charge their phones with the excuse that "Abeg mk una no vex i go soon finish" they decided to be patient (for they have no choice) and were all waiting for me to finish. Due to my lack of expertise, it took almost thirty minutes to change the socket “lol” (when second hand sockets are involved what do you expect) I was testing different old sockets as well as merging various departments amongst them to the one am going to use to perfect the going. “hehehehe” (this laugh concentrates on the vowel sound "E").. Finally! I was done and it was looking like it can power a building. I went straight back to the fuse as they were all looking at me with scary looks. (With all indication they have been standing and praying for my coming like the apostles when expecting the holy spirit on Pentecost).. I rushed and came back with the fuse wearing a smiling face I couldn’t look at the scary face of my old-man (before he thinks he has been deployed to Chad once more for peacekeeping and descend on me) our last born helped with the stool which I climbed due to my brief nature. Well, I fixed back the fuse and already I was hearing “NEPA" From my little niece in the main room. Oh! "Thank God I sighed "hearing the thought that there was still light. Everybody ran back to the room trying to charge their electronics and plug all other appliances. i did the same and rushed to my room.
As I entered, there was red light on the wall socket. Wow! I exclaimed I couldn’t believe it; with all the merging involved it actually worked. I felt like the colonial masters (when they merge this country in 1914 for their own selfish reasons) I was very happy and quickly pick my extension socket and plug. Immediately I heard “boom PRRKAKA” with brief spark and smoke from my newly made wall socket. The whole light went off in my room. I found myself running for safety as I was already outside the room peeping through my back door. Could that be my newly made extension? I asked myself as I stood in dismay with my hands on my head “chai after everything”.   I stood outside for some minuted with my head down and eyes close. As i open my eyes and turn around behold, my family members were standing and expecting my return to normalty (as we expects the return of our president to good health). Every member of the House was giving me those same looks when I removed their fuse. Only this time there was no stool for me to climb...”POOR ME IF I HAD KNOWN I WOULD HAVE NEGOTIATED. “violence is not a solution” and change should be posivtive

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